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Last modified: Dec 30th, 2013

At AmericanPumpkins.com, we value your business, and the security of your financial information; In order to prevent any loss/misuse of your financial data we have implemented some of the following measures:

1. All the transactions on AmericanPumpkins.com are processed by Paypal in the backend. This also includes credit card, debit card and gift card transactions. What this means for you as a customer is that ALL your purchases on AmericanPumpkins.com are backed by Paypal Purchase Protection Guarantee.

Paypal Secured

Benefits for You

  • $0 liability in case of non-authorized use of card.
  • You will get full refund if you receive damaged item, incomplete item, or do not receive the item.
  • Read more about Paypal Purchase Protection Guarantee here.

2. You DON'T need to have a Paypal account to receive this protection. Your online purchase at AmericanPumpkins.com immediately qualifies you for the Paypal Purchase Protection.

3. We NEVER store your financial data including credit card, debit card/ gift card numbers, expiry date.

4. We NEVER have access to your financial data including credit card, debit card/ gift card numbers, expiry date.

5. We use state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your personal information. We always use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on our order page and account pages. SSL comes in two strengths, 40-bit and 128-bit, which refer to the length of the "session key;" generated by every encrypted transaction. The longer the key, the more difficult it is to break the encryption code. AmericanPumpkins.com uses 128-bit encryption. Most browsers support 128-bit SSL sessions, which is trillions of times stronger than 40-bit sessions.

6. We employ 24/7 fraud monitoring.

Here are some of the steps you can do to reduce online fraud:

  • Use a protected computer - Make sure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software and a firewall installed. Make sure your browser is set to the highest level of security notification and monitoring - The safety options are not always activated by default when you install your computer. The most popular browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox. Check that you're using a recent version - you can usually download the latest version from your browsers' websites.
  • Always check your statements - Check statements as soon as you receive them. If you find a transaction on your statement that you did not make, contact your bank or card company immediately. Shred any documents that contain information relating to your financial affairs.
  • NEVER give out your SSN - Providing your Social Security number is not a requirement for placing an order at an online shopping site. There is no need for the merchant to ask for it. Giving out your Social Security number could lead to having your identity stolen.
  • Keep Your Password Private - Never reveal your password to anyone. When selecting a password, do not use commonly known information, such as your birthdate, mother's maiden name, or numbers from your driver's license or Social Security number. Do not reuse the same password for other sites, particularly sites associated with sensitive information. The best password has at least eight characters and includes numbers and letters.
  • Use your common sense - In the end, always use your common sense when handing out personal, financial information. When your gut feeling says it's not right, it usually is not right.

11 Tips for Safer online Shopping (from PCmag.com)
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Report Fraud / Contact Information:
You can report fraud or contact us for any questions in any of the following ways -

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